Press Release - Transition Process of Afghanistan

Vaşington Büyükelçiliği 25.03.2011

President of Afghanistan His Excellency Hamid Karzai announced on 22 March 2011 the names of the provinces and district centers which will be subjected to the first phase of transition process regarding the progressive handover of security responsibilities to Afghan authorities until the end of 2014. We welcome this announcement which constitutes a historic turning point in the efforts aimed at empowering the friendly and brotherly Afghan people to take ownership of their own future.

Transition is a process which will have several phases. Besides security, full assumption of governance and development responsibilities by the Afghans constitute the end-state. Capacity building, supporting development, improving good governance, making progress in peace and national reconciliation efforts as well as enhancing the effectiveness of regional cooperation bear importance in ensuring the irreversible success of the transition process. Turkey will continue to spend maximum possible efforts in all these fields.

In implementing the transition process, heeding the conditions on the ground will be of importance for eventual success. Continued support of the international community to Afghanistan beyond 2014 will constitute yet another essential element towards engendering lasting effects as a result of the transition process. Hence, we are heartened by the commitments of the members of the international community to long term partnership with self- governing and sovereign Afghanistan.

Likewise, Turkey will continue its comprehensive support to Afghanistan in accordance with the needs of our Afghan brothers and sisters and as long as they would require it.


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